State Department - Assesment of Corporate law Policy Kosovo & BiH

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to provide the U.S. Department of Commerce with an external evaluation of the Commercial Law Development Programs (CLDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and Kosovo that will be used to enhance the effectiveness of the existing interventions and in consideration for the future programming. The project covered project activities implemented between FY2017 and FY2020, and:

  • Provided an external assessment of the performance of project activities against objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Examined the implementation problems or successes.
  • Drawed lessons learned for future programming.

Recommendations and findings from this project identified successful initiatives and best practices, and corrective measures, for the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the project.

Overall objectives

This evaluation covered the implementation of CLDP programs in BiH and in Kosovo in the period between 2016 and 2020. The objectives of the two programs are as follows:

  • (BiH) Objective 1. Judicial capacity building which will improve BiH’s ability to effectively adjudicate commercial disputes, including cases related to bankruptcy, enforcement of international sales contracts, and IPR enforcement.
  • (BiH) Objective 2. Vis Moot capacity building to strengthen international commercial law and arbitration curricula in BiH’s universities.
  • (Kosovo) Objective 1. Capacity building for Kosovo Customs.


The evaluation methodology included interviews (in-person and online), survey, and desk research including data analyses. The team developed semi-structured interview protocols for meetings with individuals or small groups of no more than three stakeholders who had an in- depth knowledge of the project or related issues. These interviews provided firsthand insights on issues not easily identified through other data collection methods. Target groups were (i) direct beneficiaries (judges, prosecutors, professors, law students, Customs officials, and others who attended project supported training sessions); (ii) indirect beneficiaries (judges, prosecutors, professors, law students, Customs officials, and others who did not attend project supported training sessions; representatives from the private sector; other relevant agencies); and (iii) representatives from the relevant Department of State and Commerce staff, USG agencies, and donors.

Mission Objective 1.1: Promote the rule of law and improve the effectiveness and accountability of institutions of governance.

Mission Objective 1.2: Promote American business and encourage a business environment that improves competitiveness, creates jobs, and increases incomes.


Project Details

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • 30-09-2022
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