Value Chain Analysis of the Wild Gathered Products in Macedonia

Project Description

AgBiz contracted EPI CENTAR International to carry out a value chain analysis of the wild gathered products in Macedonia as almost all gathered products are exported and has significant effects on the national economy and external trade.  Detailed information on the quantities of various products collected and processed and type of markets to which they are sold was unavailable due to the structure of the value chain and its trading practices. To better the position of the value chain enhancement interventions, AgBiz asked Epicentre to develop a profile of the Wild Gathered Products value chain that provides in-depth information on  its structure and sales performance.

The desk and survey research resulted with a compilation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data within a comprehensive report including:

  • Wild gathered mushrooms and berries export-focused profile and trends by researching and analyzing the previous production and export volumes and values and the primary destination markets of the selected  wild gathered products.
  • Main opportunities and threats associated with the export performance of the wild gathered value chain.
  • Profile of the important types of participants in the value chain, their number and comparative importance;
  • Analysis of the number of full-time employees and seasonal labor engaged in the value chain; and
  • Workshop and presentation for the key value chain participants in Macedonia organized by AgBiz.

The WGPs profile and analysis assisted AgBiz in its future plans for enhancing the competitiveness of the WGPs value chain in Macedonia.

Experts involved:

1 Senior Expert

2 Junior Experts

Project Details

  • Research Studies and Market Analysis
  • Ag Biz; ARD
  • 04-08-2015
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