Value Chain Analysis of the Fresh Vegetables in Macedonia

Project Description

AgBiz contracted EPI CENTAR International to carry out a value chain analysis of  fresh vegetables in Macedonia. As the fresh vegetables industry plays a significant role in the Macedonian agribusiness sector, and Macedonia is an important agricultural product exporter to regional markets, the significance of the sector and its effects on the national economy needed to be evaluated on several aspects such as structure, performance, competitiveness, employment contribution, etc. 

The study was compiled though a research, structured as follows:

  • Selection of the most important fresh vegetable export products.
  • Secondary quantitative data collection through a desk research based on the available information gathered by the official state institutions and existing project/donor reports.
  • Primary data collection though a detailed field interview research with ten companies representing the major export portion of the FVs, and additional twenty e-mail questionnaires.

The survey provided quantitative and qualitative data for the detailed analysis of the FV value chain analysis in Macedonia including:

  • Fresh vegetables export-focused profile and trends developed on the research and analysis of historical production, volumes and values and the primary destination markets of the selected fresh vegetable products.
  • The main potentialities and threats associated with the export performance of the fresh vegetables value chain.
  • Key findings and conclusions with specific emphasis on employment.
  • Oral presentation based on the report’s findings and recommendations.

The FV profile and analysis assisted AgBiz in its future plans for enhancing the competitiveness of the fresh vegetables value chain in Macedonia.

Experts involved:

  • 1 Senior Expert
  • 2 Junior Experts


Project Details

  • Research Studies and Market Analysis
  • Ag Biz; ARD
  • 01-10-2011
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