USAID Implementation Strategy preparation and data stakeholder’s collection

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International has been engaged by SDC to review relevant documentation and interview stakeholders, collect documents to extent the present actors influenced: a) increase of the employment of beneficiaries; b) change of policies and potential new services within institutional development, raising social inclusion as issue on the political agenda; c) strengthened the capacities of business sector for supporting employment of covered groups. In the analysis, the attention will be paid to getting an improved understanding of the most effective project’s actions and methods, as well as external/frame factors that contributed or hindered most to the progress achieved.

Desktop research with review of relevant legislation and published analyzes / documents related to economic growth and competitiveness; Collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of contextual data and key stakeholders related to the increase of economic competitiveness in the country (private sector, business support organizations, civil society organizations and relevant central and local government institutions as well as other financial institutions).

As part of the data collection process, questions were developed, and interview meetings were scheduled and conducted in order to collect primary data. For this purpose, the identified persons from the Initial Stakeholder List were invited/visited for an individual (face to face) interview. The stakeholders involved were chosen by a general thematic approach. The team conducted more than 40 interviews (online and in-person).

The aim was to:

1) Identify institutions with knowledge, influence, and roles in informing and supporting achievement of each of the three DOs;

2) Facilitate stakeholder conversations and other dialogue between USAID and institutions/entities to help USAID identify and explore potential resource partnerships;

3) Advise on the nature and details of potential resource partnerships with institutions/entities selected by USAID.

The objective of this assignment is to assist the USAID/North Macedonia Development Objective (DO) 1- Increased Economic Competitiveness with the design of a new Activity/ies to achieve the results of the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2020-2025 – “USAID Partnerships Promote a Prosperous, Well-Governed, and Resilient North Macedonia Committed to Euro-Atlantic integration.”

The team gathered the key relevant stakeholders who can contribute towards encouraging and increasing investment in technology, ethical business practices, innovation, as well as enabling employment in general and specifically of women, youth and minorities. In order to define the context of the problem area and prepare an Initial list of stakeholders, the identification process started with desk research, analysis and comparison of predefined reports, extended to all relevant documentation on the research subject.

Collection of primary data through conducting interviews. The stakeholders involved were chosen by a general thematic approach rather than a specific institution in order to identify solutions for contribution to DO1. The team conducted interviews (online and in-person) with the identified relevant stakeholders in the following capacities:

  1. Economic Growth Projects financed by USAID;
  2. USAID EG unit staff;
  3. Business Support Organizations;
  4. Central and Local Government administration;
  5. Financial institutions and foundations;
  6. Academic institutions;
  7. Civil Society Organizations;
  8. Private sector entities (SMEs)

Project Details

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • 30-04-2022
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