Study for Public - Private Partnership for the construction of prefabricated schools in rural area

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International was hired by the Ministry of Education and Science to prepare a feasibility study for a public-private partnership for the construction of prefabricated schools in 108 rural municipalities in Macedonia. The study was built on a previous analysis, assessment and evaluation of the current situation in primary educational facilities (schools) in rural municipalities in the country, where school officials labeled the conditions of the facilities according to more than 50 infrastructure and educational parameters. The study has been prepared as a basis for future investments in the construction of prefabricated schools, presenting three different types of schools and a model for investment in PPPs.

The study included:

  • The current situation in rural primary schools in Macedonia
  • Architecture and construction model of prefabricated school buildings
  • Technical standards and description of the facilities
  • Analysis of the cost of reconstruction and construction of facilities
  • Legal framework for PPPs in the educational sector
  • PPP models of prefabricated schools
  • The model and the timeline for the implementation of interventions in 108 schools in rural areas in the country

Experts included:

  • 2 PPP Experts
  • 1 Legal PPP Expert

Project Details

  • Public Private Partnership
  • Ministry of Education and Science, Macedonia
  • 15-12-2010
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