Preparation of a Program for the Development of the Pelagonija Region in Macedonia

Project Description

The aim of the assignment implemented by EPI CENTAR International was to apply its own approach and combine it with the methodology of by Mesopartner for preparing a realistic, participatory compiled document in the form of a Program for the Development of the Pelagonija Region for the  achievement of LED. 

The assignment consisted of three phases:

  • In the first phase, all the statistical data, and relevant national/regional/local strategies, programs and other relevant documents concerning the economic development were collected, reviewed, analyzed and synthesized. 
  • The second phase was based on the prior results of the selected 7 sectors for local economic development of the Pelagonija region, where specific interviews were organized in order to identify the main needs of the stakeholders, strengths and opportunities for the  development of  specific businesses and the effects they would have on a broader scale of social sectors (economy, education, employment, promotion etc).
  • In the third phase, the PACA methodology for participative analysis of the competitive advantages was applied and further elaborated through over 100 in-depth interviews and 14 mini-workshops.

Finally, based on the received data and active participation of all involved stakeholders, the Program for the development of the region was compiled and presented to the Pelagonija Region Council that has given consensus on the approval of the regional strategic document.

Experts involved:

1 Team Leader

1 Assessment Expert

1 Planning Expert

Project Details

  • Strategic and business planning
  • 14-02-2012
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