Preparation Of a Public Policy Document Within The Framework Of The Project (NPWE)

Project Description

Commissioned Initiative by the National Platform for Women's Entrepreneurship (NPWE), Implemented by EPI CENTAR International

EPI CENTAR International was honored to partner with the National Platform for Women's Entrepreneurship (NPWE) in crafting a comprehensive public policy document. This endeavor aimed to illuminate and catalyze the transition to a green economy, with an unyielding focus on the empowerment of female entrepreneurs, within the Republic of North Macedonia.

Pivotal Objectives and Strategic Outcomes

The initiative revolves around a constellation of interlinked objectives:


Establishment of a Unified National Railways Platform: Act as the principal social partner in policy formulation and reformative measures, merging existing networks to create a robust representation of interests related to railways and female entrepreneurship.

Facilitation of Structural Dialogue: Enable meaningful interaction between stakeholders at both national and local levels, thereby optimizing policy coordination and programmatic interventions.

Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations: Enhance the advocacy capabilities of organizations committed to the railways sector, thereby ensuring more effective representation and partnerships with governmental bodies.

Promotion of Female Entrepreneurship: Position women entrepreneurs as agents of policy change, particularly in economic sectors and youth empowerment related to railways.

Visibility and Outreach: Enhance the public profile of the platform through targeted communications strategies and stakeholder engagements.

Research and Policy Formulation Methodology

Within this framework, EPI CENTAR International initiated a multi-layered research agenda:

Formation of a Sectoral Group for Green Transition of Businesses: Comprising female leaders from diversified industry sectors, this specialized task force contributes invaluable insights to the policy document.

Stakeholder Consultation Meeting: Conducted on May 19, 2023, this session served as a forum for dialogue among members of partner organizations and women entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive Analysis: Engaging in both national and international assessments to ascertain the state of green entrepreneurship within North Macedonia and beyond, thereby drawing from regional, European, and global contexts.

Evidence-Based Recommendations: The final document will furnish practical and actionable recommendations, underpinned by best practices, with the objective of enabling the role of women in the green economy.

Anticipated Impacts and Future Trajectory

The completion of this seminal document aims to manifest a range of outcomes:

  • Consolidated national platform, serving as a potent advocate for both railways and female entrepreneurship.
  • Heightened degree of stakeholder collaboration, signaling a new epoch in public-private partnerships and multi-level governance.
  • Set of actionable policy prescriptions that are simultaneously ambitious and grounded, poised to catalyze sustainable economic transformation, with a focus on gender inclusivity.

In alignment with its mission and values, EPI CENTAR International remains resolutely committed to furthering both social and economic development, with a particular emphasis on elevating the role of women in sectors that are often underrepresented.


Project Details

  • Legal services
  • NPWE - National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship
  • 15-06-2023
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