Policy Paper and Assessment of the Regulations and Practices in Personal Income Tax Collection

Project Description

As one of the best consulting agency is in the region, Epicentre assisted AgBiz and MBEA Project through producing a detailed assessment report and policy paper regarding the issue of personal income tax withholding for the private unregistered farmers. The assignment was completed  by reviewing all present (and past) regulations regarding this issue as well as how the regulations have been  implemented in practice in  various agricultural sectors; The objectives and results of the research and policy paper included:

  • Research and assessment of the implications of the problem of collection of personal income tax for farmers and collectors and the implication on the enhancement and sustainable development of the competitiveness of Macedonian agribusinesses;
  • Identification of the most important threats associated with the export performance of Macedonian agribusiness arising from the personal income tax withholding problem;
  • Assessment of the likely impact on producers and collectors of a viable system for collecting producers/collectors personal income tax;
  • Identification of the related impacts of both a viable system and continuation of the current “difficult” system, including the impact on the number of registered farmers and collectors, MAFWE/Paying Agency subsidy payments, the amount ofthe tax collected, etc.;
  • Recommendations, presented to the interested groups such as the Federation of Farmers, Chambers of Commerce, representatives of the agribusiness and GoM Ministries and Agencies in a format of a policy paper.

Experts involved:

1 Team Leader

1 Legal Expert

1 External Agriculture Policy Expert

2 Researchers & Analysts

Project Details

  • Legal services
  • AgBiz
  • 30-03-2009
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