Performance Evaluation of the USAID/Macedonia IDEAS Project 2012

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International was contracted to provide a support in the mid-term performance assessment of the IDEAS project in cooperation with the OPTIMAL solution group.

The assignment had the following objective:

  • To conduct a formative evaluation aimed at examining the program implementation, its inputs, activities, outputs, processes, procedures, progress towards target outcomes, and identifying challenges and issues.The results of the evaluation will be used to enhance the effectiveness of the existing intervention for the remaining performance period taking into consideration  the future USAID Economic Growth Strategy.
  • The evaluation contained two components
    • To analyze the progress and effectiveness of the interventions to date
    • To recommend potential modifications for improvement
  • The team provided an extensive evaluation report and recommendations for future actions.


Experts involved:

- Evaluation Expert (1)


Project Details

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • 30-07-2012
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