Organizational Capacity Building to Aid Disabled Persons in Macedonia

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International developed a Baseline Study, with the main focus placed on the stakeholders in the identified target regions and collection and analysis of all the necessary information.

In this process of study preparation , the team used the proven approach of Bottom up Participatory Planning, combining an ever-growing toolkit of participatory and visual methods to facilitate the process of collective analysis and planning. With this approach all stakeholders engaged in the community were directly included in the planning processes and provided their opinion, offering highly valuable ideas and data.

Moreover, the study contains valuable information extracted through a detailed review of all National strategies that concern the PWD, along with a comprehensive insight into the Macedonian legislation directly associated with  this research. These two segments are inseparably connected to all past, current and future efforts aimed at overcoming the obstacles the PWD community is confronted with. Following this, the study also contains mapping of all institutions and bodies responsible for the implementation of all national strategies and enforcement of the national legislation, as well as the ratified international conventions that concern the PWDs.

Project Details

  • Research Studies and Market Analysis
  • Preda Plus
  • 25-11-2015
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