Gender Equality in Rural Development

Project Description

EPICENTAR was contracted by We Effect for the project of Conducting regional campaign under the regional project Gender Equality in Rural Development. The aim of this project is to strengthen gender equality in the rural areas, by enhancing the capacities of women in rural areas to advocate for their rights which in the long run will enable them to enhance their position in the region. The project aims to influence legal and policy frameworks to support gender equality and empowerment of women and involving women from rural areas in sustainable agriculture and rural development.

The first component of the project refers to capacity building of CSOs in gender mainstreaming and advocacy for improving the status of women from rural areas in the countries in the Europe region.

The second component of the project is focused on raising awareness and increasing the knowledge among the members of the communities, especially women, girls and boys and among rural organizations for women’s rights to access land, financial and extension services, participation and leadership in rural organizations and community groups.

The third component of the project is focused on raising awareness among the general public and the policy makers about the importance of women’s rights to land, social services, financial services, extension services and women’s active participation in design of policy and strategy processes in rural development. Goal of this campaign is to inform and educate the citizens in the Europe Region about the root causes for gender inequality and the effect of gender power imbalances.

The campaign aims to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of gender equality and changing social norms towards gender equal society. The campaign will also contribute to raising awareness about the obstacles that women from rural areas face in realizing basic human rights and access to services, especially in time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Made recording and production of two short videos 

  • Infographics/Slogans

  • Produced two video stories for the campaign and each of them has almost 200.000 views on Facebook
  • Web campaign on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Facebook page with over 2500 followers for the purpose of this project

Project Details

  • Implementation and design of projects
  • WeEffect
  • 31-12-2021
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