Focus Country Assessment on Green Digitalization in the Republic of North Macedonia

Project Description

Co-funded by the European Union and National Agencies, in Collaboration with Multi-Country Partners

The "Computing Power Goes Green - GO GREEN" project is an ambitious transnational initiative co-funded by the European Union and national contributions from participating countries under the Interreg Balkan Med Program 2014 – 2020. This collaborative effort is led by the Ministry of Local Self-Government via the Bureau for Regional Development of the Republic of North Macedonia. Our project partners include esteemed organizations such as the Region of Western Macedonia in Greece, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the University of Forestry and Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture in Bulgaria, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Energy Agency, the National Agency for Information Society in Albania, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy in Albania.

Objectives and Framework

Aligned with the twin transition policy, GO GREEN seeks to pioneer the integration of green and digital transformation at both national and transnational scales. Our ultimate goal is to promote the sustainable functioning of digital infrastructures. We envision a future where digital transformation not only drives economic growth but also conserves environmental resources.

Key Deliverables

Observatory Establishment: The creation of a specialized observatory to evaluate the energy efficiency across various economic sectors' digital infrastructures.

Comparative Assessment Framework: An international collaborative framework to compare and analyze energy efficiency data among participating countries.

Green Digitalization Roadmap: A comprehensive Action Plan outlining the pathway to sustainable digitalization, inclusive of strategic guidelines and milestones.

Pilot Projects: Demonstrative applications focusing on the 'greening' of select digital transformation initiatives, coupled with a meticulous assessment of their environmental impact.

Impact and Long-term Vision

GO GREEN culminates in a long-term cooperative structure fortified by capacity-building measures aimed at green digital investments. A key milestone is the establishment of the Barometer as a permanent monitoring mechanism.

Comprehensive Study and Community Engagement in North Macedonia

A cornerstone of our project has been a comprehensive study conducted in North Macedonia, focusing on source identification, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), legal framework analysis, and central policy recommendations. We involved the community at large by conducting surveys with 392 high school students from various municipalities and 128 citizens from diverse demographics. Additionally, we engaged 20 private sector companies and 20 representatives from public institutions to gather comprehensive insights.

Building a Greener, More Sustainable Digital Future

Through GO GREEN, we strive to not only achieve measurable energy efficiency but also cultivate a culture of sustainable digital transformation across borders. We are making strides towards realizing a future where green and digital goals coalesce for the betterment of societies and economies alike.

Project Details

  • Research Studies and Market Analysis
  • Bureau for regional development
  • 01-09-2023
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