Five Year Strategy for Sustainable Development & Reorganization of FFRM

Project Description

In line with the organizational sustainability objective of the FFRM, EPI CENTAR International was contracted to prepare a five year organizational strategy for  a  sustainable development and reorganization of FFRM, bearing in mind the core function of advocacy and representation based on  democratic principles. The document was created through a participative work with two work groups (Strategic and Administrative) representing the FFRM management staff, regional centers and the Board.  The strategic planning included an extensive:

  • evaluation of the existent strategic documents, past performance reports and financial reports;
  • separate interview processes through tailor-made questionnaires with: the employees, members, and management of the FFRM and potential new members;
  • detailed financial planning through organized strategic planning sessions where the ideas of new products and services would be defined and the financial implications projected

The process covered an analysis of the financial sustainability of the organization and services that the organization provides to its members and:

  • defined the minimum services necessary for the FFRM, based on the mission and vision of the FFRM;
  • projected the cumulative expenses and costs the services defined will generate on all organization levels within the FFRM (Board, Management (Main Office), Regional Offices) for the period 2009-2013; and
  • defined the services that the Regional Offices need to provide to generate revenues for financial sustainability and successful implementation of the main FFRM functions
  • The outcome of the strategic planning resulted in: detailed reports on the strategic views of the direct stakeholders of FFRM along with their professional capabilities, identification and feasibility of specific products of FFRM for attaining financial stability, proposed responsibility & time optimization plan of the HR, specific service sales targets and other necessary activities for the achievement of the FFRM financial and organizational development in the form of a strategic document.

Experts involved:

1 Team Leader

1 Financial Analysis Expert

1 Organization Analysis Expert


Project Details

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Federation of Farmers of Macedonia
  • 01-07-2015
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