Feasibility study on waste recycling opportunities in Bitola and Veles - benefit as you safe

Project Description

Within the international project "Stimulating the participation of citizens in the recycling processes through the implementation of the benefit systems Benefit as You Safe (BAS), the Faculty of Technology (TTF) in Veles, at the University Ss. Kliment Ohridski - Bitola is an implementation institution. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and participating countries.

The main goal of the project is to raise the awareness of the target group (different in the participating countries) for the processes of waste selection and recycling, with some benefit for the target group. Our target group is the educational institutions (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, TTF and municipalities) in Veles and Bitola.

This study has several focus points including the results of the implemented activities of the BAS project, review of several models for waste selection and recycling in the municipalities of Bitola and Veles, as well as the establishment of sustainable practices with possible sources of funding in the long run and after completion of project activities. The BAS project was accepted with great interest and motivation with optimism for the undertaken activities, their implementation and improvement of the situation. benefit systems.

Given that the effects are intended for the municipalities of Bitola and Veles, research tools were also undertaken such as internet search of documents, extraction of key data from statistical reviews, annual work plans, strategies and financial reports. Talks were conducted with representatives of local governments, public utilities and private entities interested in getting involved in the selection and recycling system. Existing studies on this topic in the country and abroad were analyzed in order to obtain ideas about a possible continuation of the initiated activities of the Project.

The survey for students was completed by 693 students from Bitola and Veles. For this research, an online survey was conducted through the ESPAI specialized system for research and data processing, developed and implemented by the consulting company EPI CENTER. The purpose of these surveys was to assess the impact of the Project on this target group. Two online surveys with various questionnaires were conducted for students from 6th to 4th grade of secondary education to obtain relevant data on the state of waste in schools, as well as a questionnaire for the private sector to determine the attitudes and readiness of companies for better waste management and inclusion in sorting and recycling systems.

Given the pandemic with COVID-19, the team of EPI CENTER was limited to conduct more detailed field research, so this part was conducted remotely, ie through electronic communication with the subjects. An assessment was made of the situation with the public utility companies that are established directly from the municipalities of Bitola and Veles and are in charge and responsible for waste collection in these regions.

The assessment should provide guidelines for linking local government through public utilities with citizens, i.e households, youth or students in primary and secondary schools under the jurisdiction of local self-government, as well as companies and collective waste handlers. Representatives of the BAS project were also consulted, especially in the area of ​​establishing the situation before the start of the project activities, the initial phase, the assessment of measures taken such as procurement of vessels, better education and promotion of benefit systems.

Project Details

  • Research Studies and Market Analysis
  • 27-11-2020
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