Compilation of a Feasibility study for the Osogovo Mountains Transboundary Biosphere Reserves

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International was contracted to make a compilation of the reports that were provided by each expert included in the Project.

At the first coordinative meeting between EPI CENTAR’s team and the Project managers, the final template/structure of the study was developed. The template included a detailed description of all paragraphs, as well as all the responsibilities of each expert that participated in the Project.

EPI CENTAR was responsible for the review and analysis of all documents used in the previous Project activities as well as the final reports that were collected at this stage of the Project. Upon a detailed review of the documents, EPI CENTAR was responsible for the selection of suitable materials and final compilation of the feasibility study that included all important aspects and main goals of the Project.

In the final phase of the Project EPI CENTAR was responsible for the presentation of the final version of this Feasibility study, both in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Project Details

  • Research Studies and Market Analysis
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, Skopje
  • 15-10-2015
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