Business planning for the National Park Mavrovo

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International was committed by UCODEP to organize the process of business planning for the National Park Mavrovo in the project Nature protection, economic development and the promotion of eco-tourism in the National Park Mavrovo.Within a year,  EPI CENTAR was engaged to prepare:

*a financial and operative screening report with budget planning;

  • detailed financial indicators at the request of the state budget officials for future running costs of the National Park management,
  • plans to invest in the planned construction work, detailed product designs in the field of organic agriculture, forest products and wild visits, and
  • a final business plan discussed and approved by the administration of NP and UCODEP.

The business planning will enable the management of NP Mavrovo to become an institution equipped with the necessary administrative and financial skills for future planning and implementation of various projects in line with the management of the NP.

Experts included:

  • 2 experts in business planning
  • 1 expert in institutional development

Project Details

  • Strategic and business planning
  • UCODEP-Italy
  • 31-08-2010
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