AgBiz Program Evaluation and Agribusiness Sector Assessment Review

Project Description

EPI CENTAR International was contracted to organize an evaluation of the AgBiz program in Macedonia and to make an assessment review of the agribusiness sector on a national level. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the progress of the Program towards achieving its stated program objectives and begin documenting its successes and lessons learned, analyze the effectiveness of the sub-sector selection process and the specific interventions (projects and activities) implemented by the Program (what worked best, what did not work and why not), assess the overall impact of this activity on the selected sub-sectors representatives that have received the Program’s support, especially in terms of export, domestic market share, productivity, revenue, coverage and assistance to value chains participants, building human capacity,  value of investment stimulated, increased access to finance, increased employment, policy and institutional reforms and outreach.

The purpose of the agribusiness sector review was to provide the USAID/Macedonia with a concise analysis of the agribusiness sector based on the findings from the assessment conducted by FAO, as well as other appropriate research and studies. The purpose of this document was to learn from the experiences of the previous years of effort in this sector, both by USAID and other donors in Macedonia, and gain insights as to whether and where USAID assistance might be most effective in further supporting the agribusiness. The review should identify key problems and obstacles for Macedonian businesses to become more competitive and recommend the priorities in order to maximize the impact of future long-term assistance to the agribusiness sector.

Experts involved:

1 Team Leader

1 Expatriate Expert

2 Evaluation and Review Specialists


Project Details

  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • 16-07-2009
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