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Project Description

EPI CENTAR International was engaged to work with value chain stakeholders to increase incomes for all participants in the supported VC sub-sector (APPLE, TABLE GRAPES, PEPPER) from top to bottom using a broad-based approach that includes farmers, aggregators, input suppliers, cooling and packaging facility owners and traders, processors and exporters. Through the approach implemented, relevant to this assignment, EPI CENTAR has organized demonstration plots for the apple production technology in the Prespa region, apple post-harvesting trial in the Prespa region, apple focus-group sessions of the farmers organizations, producer groups, FFRM, national and regional institutions and support business organizations. In addition, in cooperation with the  Agricultural School in Resen and Senior Experts from the Faculty of Agriculture, EPI CENTAR supported the Junior Assistant in the apple demonstration plot as part of building the Agriculural School capacities for an apple modern production technology demonstration plot.

EPI CENTAR worked with a number of apple traders, exporters and large producers in a know-how transfer and improved the penetration of export markets, organizing a B2B meeting of Bosnian importers with Prespa exporters in Resen (in cooperation with the municipality, FFRM, Chamber of commerce, farmers’ associations and traders), study tours for apple producers in Italy and Croatia 2011, 2012, a visit to the  apple fair in Bolzano-Italy 2012, participation on the fresh fruits and vegetables fair Fruitlogistica-Berlin 2012 and 2013, Agro & Food fair World Food Moscow 2012. The cooperation with the associations, farmer groups, FFRM and the municipality, as part of the focus groups and trainings provided by domestic and international experts, was tracked in the annual APPLE VC performance Screening published by EPI CENTAR for Y2011 and Y2012.  As part of this cooperation, EPI CENTAR prepared 4 policies for identifying the  reforms needed that were further discussed and reviewed by MAFWE and IPARD agencies.

The project assignment was implemented following the EPI CENTAR approach, using leading actors in each of the three VCs with further networking of the other VC participants on a horizontal and vertical level. Created vertical and horizontal VC linkages still represents l one of the biggest changes of the Macedonian agriculture, especially considering the big number of small farmers.


Project Details

  • Implementation and design of projects
  • AG Biz
  • 16-05-2013
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